8 Week Mental Fitness Grant Program: Powered by PQ®

HPQ Coaches are on a mission to help individuals build mental fitness and resilience during difficult times. Powered by Positive Intelligence®, anyone can strengthen their mind to access their inner wisdom, even in crisis. As we learn to meet life's challenges with sage wisdom we create a transformative ripple effect for humanity that knows no borders or boundaries.

Positive Intelligence (PQ®) is a research-backed science that can help you de-stress, re-charge and attain a calmer, positive state-of-mind.

HPQ Coaches support people facing humanitarian crises around the world

We're a global community of Positive Intelligence® coaches who actively practice mental fitness daily. We are united by our passion and desire to support those facing and dealing with humanitarian crises. We came together in response to the Ukrainian crisis. Our belief is that the gift of Positive Intelligence®  can be shared with those in need everywhere. All our services are FREE to qualifying participants.

Our services build your strength to cope and stay strong

All programs are led by trained Positive Intelligence® coaches.

Try It   Respite is an open and free 30 to 45-minute session to de-stress, re-charge and attain a calmer & more positive state-of-mind. See regular times below.

Learn More An Info Session is a free 45-minute opportunity to learn about Positive Intelligence® benefits and get answers to your questions. Register below.

Dive Deep Our 8-week Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness Program is an online app-based experience for those facing humanitarian crises. Led by trained Positive Intelligence® coaches and conducted in English, it is offered at no cost to anyone eligible for a scholarship.

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Some coaches you may meet in HPQ sessions

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Respite testimonials

"The opportunity to experience the 45 minutes of respite has been incredibly peaceful and helpful. Taking intentional time to learn how breath can help calm the mind has been a useful tool. The PQ reps help quiet distractions and focus me on personal development and strength."

"Going through the respite sessions with others also lets me know that I am not alone... The support and kindness of other participants is valuable. The generosity of time, energy and service you provide is helping many to practice self-care!"  – Barbara D.S.,  A Respite Regular

PQ 8-week program testimonials

"Daily practice taught me to do PQ reps in calm conditions and then I used them in alarming circumstances. Sage makes me more wise. PQ reps (anchor on breath and two fingertips) were used by me under the alarm of the war. It made me calm and easy to control my mind. Sage makes my reaction to my husband and son more patient...  

It is a very easy and comfortable way to start learning about yourself and to do step by step in opening your inside, but you must understand one thing: you must be honest to yourself and you see shifts in every sphere of daily life, because only changing yourself can change your life." – Olga U., Ukrainian Practical Psychologist 

"I feel more contact with my true self, the person who I really am.If you can do it — do it! Take every chance to feel better in this crazy world. This program will help you get to know yourself better. Very grateful for the ability to participate in this program! Your desire not to stand aside and help in the way that is available now is very valuable. Thank you all for this feeling, that we are not alone and there are people who stand with us in such a hard time."  –  Body Oriented Psychologist living in Ukraine

Current Respite Offerings

If you are emotionally impacted, stressed or overwhelmed by a disaster, conflict or humanitarian crisis, a Respite session may be valuable for you. The aim is to find solace and hope for ourselves so we can offer it to others.

People attend Respite from across the world. Our programs based on Positive Intelligence® trainings are currently in English. Respite does not require fluency in English: however, you may be comfortable if you have a basic to conversational understanding. 

You can also explore recorded and written materials in other languages in our Resource Library that you may find helpful.

UTC+3: 19:30 PM EEST (Kyiv)
UTC+1: 17:30 PM BST (London)
UTC-7:   9:30 AM PDT (San Francisco)

See your time zone and register in advance using this Zoom link HERE for this FREE Event, in English, with Ukrainian language support

Hosted By: HPQ coach Rajeev Nayak is a leadership coach with an international clientele. Having lived in Ukraine since this war commenced, he speaks first-hand to the value of forging personal peace out of stressful circumstances.

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May 7, 2024 at 10 am PDT / 7PM Ukraine
with HPQ coach Basia Mosinski  

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Research Foundation

Our mental fitness program is based on breakthrough, original research by Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence® through the synthesis of recent discoveries across neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral psychology, performance science. Shirzad Chamine is the award winning author of Positive Intelligence®.